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We won't try to give you an exhaustive list of menu commands and keyboard shortcuts for editing; you can get that information from the Help menu. Instead, here are some general hints to help you deal with the less-intuitive aspects of working in the Timeline.

Mac vs Windows

Note that any hints dealing with F6 apply to F7 as well. Figure 34 You can select a block of frames across multiple layers. Clicking any frame within the span selects the entire span. This was how the Timeline worked in early versions of Flash, and many users found it confusing, because there was no obvious way to select a single frame.

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Starting in Flash 5, the Timeline changed to its current default behavior, but span-based selection remains an option for those who appreciate the convenience of selecting multiple frames with a single click. All rights reserved. Join Sign In. Sample Chapter is provided courtesy of Adobe Press.

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Date: Nov 9, If you want to insert a new keyframe between two existing keyframes, don't select one of the keyframes and press F6. All that happens is that the playhead moves to the next keyframe; there are no changes at all in the Timeline.

Instead, select the first of the two keyframes and press F5 to insert a regular frame after it. The second of the two keyframes, and everything beyond it, moves one frame to the right. Then select the newly inserted frame and press F6 to turn it from a regular frame to a keyframe. Most often you will want to change the Drawing Menu in the menu bar and Tools Panel toolbar commands.

Locate the general menu item name e.

Flash Cs3 Keyboard Shortcuts

Scroll through the list until you find the command you want to modify. Click the item name to reveal it's current keyboard shortcut. Press the new key combination you want to use for your shortcut. It will appear in the dialog.

Photoshop CS3 Shortcuts: PC

If the shortcut is currently being used for another command, you will see a warning indicating the key's current assignment. You can choose a different combination or reapply the one you pressed. Click "Change" to assign the new command and "Reassign" when Flash warns you the key is already in use. Locate your keyboard set in the application support files folders.

25 Basic Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

It will have an "mfx" extension. Make a copy to another disk for a backup. Open the library panel by clicking "Windows" and "Library" from the program menu at A: Log on to the Adobe website. You can then select from several educational options.

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Choose the "Virtual Classroom" from the left to be taken A: Open your Flash source file. Click on the "Rectangle" too A: Launch a graphics program and create a new image file. Click the line-drawing tool from the toolbar. Draw a horizontal line across the ima

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