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Integrating Fink's svn-javahl package and Subclipse |

As client, so also can normally use subclipse,. Pictured above in paragraph, to install and run MacPorts, requires the installation of Xcode and Command Line Tools, then Mac App Store to download and install Xcode, free of charge, 1.

Xcode installed, open, click Xcode-Preferences, switch to Downloads view, click the Command Line Tools behind the Install button to install. After Xcode and Command Line Tools installation is complete, return to the MacPorts download page, click the underlined system version download. After download, click Install, installation process can be very slow, at that time I thought that is not installed on the computer to restart, then, who knows all of a sudden that installed.

If your installation has been fixed, recommended to restart the computer try several times. Continuous tried several times are so. A command line above the white is used to install the HomeBrew, we can see that it is a Ruby command, the HomeBrew is used to achieve the Ruby. Enter, then began to online to install HomeBrew, setup time may be longer, depending on the network situation.

Eclipse and subversion: Failed to Load JavaHL Library

You will anyway be not allowed to proceed otherwise. If it still does not work, it is highly possible that the Java native libraries required for the SVN to work together with Java thats Java HL is not available to the Java.

Either not installed or just that Java is not able to find it. For Linux, I have simpler solutions :.


Install through your package manager, a package named libsvn-java , that contains the JavaHL. You must make sure that it is for SVN 1.

Before installing or updating Subversion, you will want to update MacPorts by issuing this command:. Before, I had to manually find a compatible version of the JavaHL Bindings, download, and install it myself.

Installation Instructions

Note: When installing the Eclipse Subclipse plugin, you will need to select the specific Subclipse version that uses a Subversion version that is the same as your installed Subversion and JavaHL Bindings. For example, Subclipse 1.

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You can update Subversion specifically or update all outdated MacPorts-installed packages by issuing these commands:. To install or update the Eclipse Subclipse plugin, you will use the same installation instructions. To update Subclipse, you would basically install a newer version of it without needing to remove the older version first.

MacPorts allows you to select an older version of its packages for use, instead of using the latest version.