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A comfortable design and a wealth of customization options make this mouse an appealing prospect, but the sheer number of buttons can be superfluous or intimidating for all but the biggest diehards. In terms of comfort, the G is a delight for anyone with a palm grip. Since the thumb controls 12 of its 20 buttons, there is no groove for the thumb.

Rather, the index finger controls the left button, the middle finger controls the right button and the ring finger rests on a third button that activates the mouse's macro controls. However, the heft makes the mouse feel substantial and satisfying to use.

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Those who prefer to use claw or fingertip grips should take heed: This is not the mouse for you. To accommodate the 12 thumb buttons, Logitech made the mouse tall, and you have to stretch your fingers across it. Claw users will find their grip inefficient, while fingertip users won't be able to click the left button at all. The thumb buttons themselves are the mouse's main draw, but what they offer in versatility, they lack in distinctness.

Each button has a slightly different feel, but not quite different enough. Learning to navigate among 12 buttons with just one digit takes some time; doing so when the buttons differentiate themselves only through very subtle contours means that you'll be making lots of mistakes at first. The G is a comfortable mouse overall, but its main draw — its plethora of buttons — takes some getting used to, and could have been easier to use.

The mouse is also available only in a right-handed conformation, so left-handed users are out of luck. Like its thumb buttons, the G's software is a mixed bag. The software is unbelievably deep and customizable, but only the most patient users will explore everything it has to offer. The G has six available profiles: three stored in the mouse, and three stored on the computer.

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Eighteen of its 20 buttons are programmable; the two nonprogrammable buttons are the standard left and right mouse buttons although users can reverse these, if desired. Unfortunately, users cannot switch among all six profiles at will. When you open the Logitech G software, you'll have to decide whether you want to use the profiles stored on the mouse or those stored on the computer.

It's easy to adjust in between games but functionally impossible during play. When a user holds down the third mouse button, it switches to a secondary profile.

For example, by default, a thumb button might correspond to the number 1 on the keyboard. Holding down the third button could switch it to Shift-1, Ctrl-1, F1 or a letter. Since users can cycle through three different profiles at will, this effectively gives them access to buttons available at a second's notice. Aesthetically inclined players will be happy to know that you can choose any color for the mouse's LED buttons to go along with a profile.

If you want green buttons while playing MMOs, blue buttons while typing away in Microsoft Word and hot-pink buttons while fragging foes in " Call of Duty ," the G is happy to oblige.

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Users can also change dots-per-inch DPI inputs on a whim — to anywhere between and 8, — to change how quickly the cursor tracks across the screen. This can be helpful when differentiating between an endgame raid in "World of Warcraft" and a leisurely game of "Civilization V. You can program each profile with multiple DPI settings and then switch them by pressing a mouse button you can program which one. For example, you might want to switch between two or three DPI settings rapidly in a game with on-foot and vehicle segments, or keep your DPI constant when working with productivity software.

And also you can use the G-shift button to double the number of functions that can be adjusted to your liking. Not only that, the resistance of the Mouse MMO and the adjustable handle above the average laser light under the mouse works fast and produces accuracy at each hand speed and can trace a large number of surfaces that can even respond to the most smooth hand movements.

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