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If you kept it in your Dock, you can click the Mission Control icon. Tap the Mission Control key on your keyboard looks like three rectangles of varying sizes. Click and drag a window to the top of the screen. Working with Spaces Mission Control allows you to create Spaces. How to add a Space Launch Mission Control. Click the Add Space icon looks like a plus sign to add a Space. How to move a window to a Space Launch Mission Control. How to switch between Spaces Swipe left or right with three or four fingers on your trackpad.

Swipe left or right with two fingers on your Magic Mouse. Click and drag a Space left or right in the Spaces bar. How to remove Spaces Launch Mission Control. Windows within the Space you're closing won't be closed; they'll be moved to another open Space. Working with Split View Sometimes you want a more focused workspace. Here are some things you'll need to know if you're going to be working in Split View: You tell macOS which window you want to work in by clicking anywhere in that window.

Need to see the menu bar? Just move your cursor to the top of the screen. Want the windows swapped? Just click and drag one of the windows to the other side of the screen. Want one window smaller than the other? Click and drag the vertical line between the two windows to adjust their width. How to enter Split View Hold down the full-screen button looks like a green circle with two arrows pointing away from each other in the upper left corner of an app window.

How To Move Around Your Mac At The Speed Of Light

Drag the window to the left or right side of the screen. Release the button, snapping the window into Split View. Click on another window to bring it into Split View. Apps for window management Sometimes the built-in offerings just aren't powerful enough for your needs.

Move Windows to Your Second Monitor on Mac with Keyboard Shortcuts: Spectacle Windows Manager

Here are the features Moom supports: Presets: The Moom button features five preset window locations. Hover over the green window button and quickly move and resize your window to one of the presets. Grids: You can use a grid to draw your desired size and location for a window.

Custom controls: You can create and define custom controls that will resize, move, and snap windows across multiple displays and reorganize your window setup. Window layouts: You can create and save window layouts to easily recreate your ideal window setup. Here are the features Divvy supports: The quick Divvy grid system for organizing apps and windows The grid's size is customizable — you can get super granular controls by going all the way up to a 20 x 20 grid size.

How to drag a window without using title bar | MacRumors Forums

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Dev Center. Log in or Sign up. That does it! Any existing short key, or additional app, that could bind a shortkey to sending the active app to a set screen? Better even: to have apps open in a set screen, instead of always on the main screen? So there is an action, where you can double-click the title bar and it expands the window to full width of the screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Mac OS X 10.5+ (IntelliJ IDEA) Keymap

Is there a keyboard shortcut for this action? Split Screen mac app does full screen better in all programs including safari leaving the side and menubars visible. It is great for recovering finder window after using time machine. If you like to use your keyboard, here's a fast way to do it.


Using your mouse, click and hold the window you want to move to another Space. While still holding your mouse button down, use your Spaces keyboard shortcut to move to the desired Space. This is usually done by pressing Control and one of the arrow keys.

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The window you are holding will be moving with you as you change your Spaces. Once you reach your destination, release the mouse button. This is my preferred method of moving a window to a space, as it seems by far the quickest. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. You seem to have missed Rob's gloss on this hint -- in the System Prefs set up Spaces so you can use [metakey]-[numberkey] hotkeys to switch spaces.

Then you can move a window to another space by clicking and holding on the window's titlebar using your right hand and using just your left hand to hit the hotkey for a particular space. You need to click on the window's titlebar for this hint to work. No you don't click anywhere you are allowed to move a window [ Reply to This ]. Yes, that's referred to in the hint itself.

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