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Merve Irish, English Mervin Famous friend. A form of Michael.


Mycke Australian Aboriginal Midgard From the middle garden. The Russian form of Michael, likeness to God. A form of Max. A form of Nick. Milington Old English Mills From th mill. Zulu Miner Worker in the mine. Tibetan Minster From the monastery church. Myroslav Czech Mishiki Apricot, From the east. A short form of Mitchell. Mytford Middle English Mlungisi The one who brings order. Zulu Mnqobi The one who conquers in hopeless situations. Zulu Modeste Modest. The masculine form of Modesty. The short form of Moses. Maori; Japanese Molan Servant of the storm.

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Irish Mona Gathering the jimson weed seed. Japanese Monte Mountain. The short form of names starting with 'Mont'. Montegah Native American Montez Dweller at the mountain. The short form of Morris. Old English Mort Stump. The short form of names starting with "Mort". Zulu Muata Sixth-born child, nesting yellow jackets.

Muracco Native American Murat Wish that came true. Turkish Murdock Wealthy sea mariner. Arabic; Zulu Mustafa Royal, Chosen. Zulu Myall Drooping acacia. If you feel that certain information is incorrect in this site, please email me with the updated details and why you think the presented information is wrong.

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What is the meaning of Worth of love. Arthur's son, son of the noble strength. Elizabeth's son, son who is holy, sacred to God. Coy's son, son of the shy, sweet and modest one. Grace's son, son of the graceful, blessed one. Kenzie's son. Son of the wise, handsome leader.

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Kinle's son, Son of the skilful leader; Son of hte relative from the meadow. Mahon's son, Son of the one who is storng like a bear. From the estate owned by Matthew, Gift of God. Hugh's son, Son of the intelligent one; Heart, Mind. Makai "ma-kigh". Makalanee, Makalaaney, Makalanie, Makalanie, Makalany. Mary's son. Prestigious, Successful; Miracle, Charm; Rock. Trough for animals, Where Jesus slept after being born. The one who conquers in hopeless situations. Manricko, Manriko, Manrycko, Manryco, Manryko. Is from the Anglo-French word 'maunsel' which is from the Old French, 'manse' meaning land sufficient to support a family.

God is with us. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Mary's son, Wished for, Star of the sea, Bitter. Marmaduc, Marmaduk, Melmidoc, Marmeduke, Duke. From the town by the lake or marsh, From the warrior's town. Warlike, Warrior, Of Mars.

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Sea lover. From the forest near themmarsh, From the warrior's forest. Maori, native New Zealander; Dark-haired, From the moor. A form of Maurice.

The Finnish form of Maurice, Moor, Dark skinned. For even more persuasion as to why it would be a good name for a little boy, the word Ocelot actually means Jaguar in Nahautl and there was even a fearsome group of Aztec warriors that went by the name Jaguar Warriors.

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There are other great qualities too to the name. Not only is Maccabee a name of a great warrior clan, but what it evokes makes it even better. The name Maccabee evokes the sense of athleticism, heroism and honor, which all make the name even better. The novel was written by British author Diana Wynne Jones and was first published in , which would later become an animated film in In the books there is a little fire demon named Calcifer.

Now, no one wants to name their child after a demon, but he is a good demon. Calcifer was originally a falling star that the wizard Howl was able to catch. He is a very powerful demon with a great deal of magic that fights for the side of good. The meaning behind the name is why it makes such a good name for a little boy.

Calcifer was a strong and powerful, while at the same a good demon who was warm and caring. Perfect for a little boy.

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There are many meanings and ways to use the word clutch, but there are also a few ways as to why it would be a great name for a little boy if a mother wanted to give him something unique and that had never been used before. According to onlinelangsdictionary. Who would not want a name that means all those things? Another thing that makes it unique is the spelling. Even if Clutch was a common baby name, spelling it with a K instead of a C makes it more unique.