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New large format is good but the dead white space stands out like a sore thumb at times. Been shown another gaming site that does the same thing. Still, the pros outweigh the cons by a vast amount. Lovely review too. Might actually get this later in the year. Top stuff, Al.

Tuffcub I wear glasses and I find this offensive. Still looks a little small on my monitor ; I like it, the full width pictures are nice. That is the format Rockstar sent it in……Grabs asbestos coat, calls a taxi, heads for the hills. Great review too, sounds fantastic. Will defo be picking this up after my exams. RockStar make the end to my exams a little bit better every year with their releases.

Different reviewers have different scores for a game. So I thought it was fab when i previewed it at Rockstar, Duncan thought the same when he went down to preview the Multiplayer and Alex agrees on the final product. Not sure how we can all be biased. Well, everything is biased in the end. Everything you are aware of is only the results of the information your sensory organs receive and even they are imperfect.

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Combined with faulty memory, emotions and internal prejudices its impossible to be objective. In my opinion anyway, as that statement is pretty biased towards my own ideas. I like the new layout apparet from one thing, the summing up of the pros and cons at the end. I always liked that so few sights do it, i hope it comes back.

Pros: great single player, substantial multiplayer, amazing visuals and acting. Cons: some niggling control issues in some areas, some weird, frustrating difficulty spikes.

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Remember Me. Please enter your username or email address. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Looks very clean. It feels more like a print article rather than an online one. Its just im used to the old ways Lol!

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Bullet-time slows all the action down on screen, allowing the player to quickly target multiples opponents. The effect looks and feels cinematic and superhuman at the same time; Max's movements become almost balletic as he whirls between opponents, firing round after round, and the soundtrack becomes a series of muffled thumps and screams. The entire screen takes on a brighter hue, as though it's been captured on colour-reversal stock. Not only does it look eye-poppingly good, bullet-time is a key ingredient in game's level design and dominates the way in which players have to approach different set pieces.

In one instance, they'll need to have a filled bullet-time meter as they provide covering fire with a sniper rifle for one of Max's friends who is fleeing armed pursuers through a stadium. In another they'll need to deploy it to cut down goons who are trying to flank Max around a square ball-training pen.

Players will need to keep an eye on their bullet-time meter, which appears in the bottom of the screen alongside Max's health meter. It's not an inexhaustible supply, and they'll need to keep it filled by executing moves like rolls, dodges and headshots. The more bullet-time they have, the more of an edge Max has on any bullet-slinging scenario.

Max Payne 3 blurs the line between hyper-cool action cinema and cold realism. Imagine a film written and directed for the most part by Michael Mann, but whose action scenes were all choreographed and shot by John Woo, and you're starting to get the picture. This gritty hyper-reality is evident in all of the presentation and it also informs the game's plot.

A friend named Raul Passos has been working as security for a wealthy family called the Brancos, and he's offered Max a way out of his troubled situation.

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Upon arriving in Sau Paulo, Max learns that most of his job involves keeping an eye on Fabiana Branco, the young and reckless trophy wife of the head of the Branco family, Rodrigo. Presumably because bad luck follows Max around like a stray puppy, it's not long before a street gang called Comando Sombra kidnaps Fabiana and issues the Brancos with a ransom demand. After a brief meeting in which the Brancos agree to pay up, Max and Raul offer to handle the drop, which is scheduled to take place at the football stadium of Sao Paulo's top team, the Galatians. Just as Max and Raul are about to hand over the money to Comando Sombra members, shots ring out from the stands above them and a sniper's bullet bites through Max's arm.

He, Raul and the gang members scatter. Max and Raul then regroup in the stadium's infirmary and set about getting the money back.

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As they prowl through the stadium, they discover that a group of unidentified men in paramilitary gear are behind the sniper attack, and they want the ransom money too. A lesser developer would probably take that scenario and use it to hang action set-pieces on, and while Rockstar certainly makes sure the player gets a lot of bang for their buck, it's interesting to see how they push the narrative throughout the level. Each gunfight seems to throw up more questions about Max's predicament.

Who are these well-armed individuals who crashed the drop? How did they know about it? Who fed them the information and who is backing their play? And, as Max himself intones towards the end of the level, why, after they've all spent about an hour shooting up Sao Paulo's cathedral to football, haven't the cops shown up?

Max and Raul leave the stadium without the money, but they do learn where Comando Sombra is holding Fabiana. Max offers to break into the gang's hideout and get her back, and it's here that Max Payne 3 showcases even more variety in its level design and style of play.

Max Payne 3 on 13-inch MacBook Air (Late 2013)

The gang is holed up in a ramshackle series of warehouses by the docks, and as Max arrives, a torrential thunderstorm is well under way. This sets up two approaches the player can choose between. They can charge into the fray, guns blazing — after all, this is Max Payne 3 — or they can use the rainstorm as cover and use a silenced weapon to draw as little attention to themselves as possible.

Rockstar have clearly put a lot of effort into making Max Payne 3 one of this year's premier shooters.

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The game looks fantastic, handles beautifully and the depth of content in both its in-game design and settings seems to offer a ton of replay value. Not only that, it's story, which is set up in such a straightforward manner, seems to hint that intriguing denouement is on the cards for the game's titular character. Players should look forward to a tale of greed, betrayal and decadence wrapped in sleek, cool mechanics that allow them to tackle it one bullet at a time.