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Anti-virus programs are a double-edged sword -- not so useful for advanced users and will likely increase attack surface against sophisticated threats; however possibly useful for catching "garden variety" malware on novice users' Macs. There is also the additional processing overhead to consider when using "active" scanning features. Therefore, the best anti-virus is Common Sense See discussion in issue CylancePROTECT may be worth running for the exploit mitigation features and when locked down is much harder to locally bypass than traditional AV, but it's effectiveness at detecting malware on macOS is questionable.

It's core feature is an algorithm derived from a machine-learning process which aims to identify malware based on various characteristics of a binary executable. Cylance have a whitepaper pdf with information about how it works. On macOS it complements Apple's built-in XProtect by continuously vmmap'ing the memory of active processes to watch for patterns that indicate bad things happening.

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Local privilege escalation bugs are plenty on macOS, so always be careful when downloading and running untrusted programs or trusted programs from third party websites or downloaded over HTTP example. If you're unsure about whether an application or file is safe to open, upload it to VirusTotal to be scanned and to examine its behavior. It is enabled by default, but can be disabled , which may be necessary to change some system settings, such as deleting root certificate authorities or unloading certain launch daemons. Keep this feature on, as it is by default.

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A new security policy that applies to every running process, including privileged code and code that runs out of the sandbox. The policy extends additional protections to components on disk and at run-time, only allowing system binaries to be modified by the system installer and software updates. To verify SIP is enabled, use the command csrutil status , which should return: System Integrity Protection status: enabled. Gatekeeper and the quarantine system try to prevent unsigned or "bad" programs and files from running and opening.

XProtect prevents the execution of known bad files and outdated plugin versions, but does nothing to cleanup or stop existing malware. QuarantineEventsV2 , which may pose a privacy risk. To examine the file, simply use strings or the following command:. See here for more information. To permanently disable this feature, clear the file and make it immutable :. If Bluetooth is not used, the metadata can be cleared with:.

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QuickLook thumbnail data can be cleared using the qlmanage -r cache command, but this writes to the file resetreason in the Quicklook directories, and states that the Quicklook cache was manually cleared. Disable the thumbnail cache with qlmanage -r disablecache. Also see 'quicklook' cache may leak encrypted data. Additional diagnostic files may be found in the following directories - but caution should be taken before removing any, as it may break logging or cause other issues:.

To clear it, use the following commands:. To remove them, and prevent them from being created again, use the following commands:. DocumentRevisions-V and can be cleared and locked with the following commands - caution should be taken as this may break some core Apple applications:. The Siri analytics database, which is created even if the Siri launch agent disabled, can be cleared and locked with the following commands:.

Recent iTunes search data may be cleared with the following command:. If you do not use Apple ID-linked services, the following keys may be cleared, too, using the following commands:. See also Breaking into the OS X keychain. Also be aware that Keychain does not encrypt the names corresponding to password entries. In addition to passwords, ensure eligible online accounts, such as GitHub, Google accounts, banking, have two factor authentication enabled.

Look to Yubikey for a two factor and private key e. One of two Yubikey's slots can also be programmed to emit a long, static password which can be used in combination with a short, memorized password, for example. In Addition to Login and other pam modules you can use Yubikey to secure your login and sudo, here is a pdf guide from Yubico. Yubikey are a bit pricey, there is cheaper alternative, but not as capable, U2F Zero.

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Here is a great guide to set it up. One way is to use a symmetric cipher with GPG and a password of your choosing. You can also create and use encrypted volumes using Disk Utility or hdiutil :. See also the following applications and services: Tresorit , SpiderOak , Arq , Espionage , and restic. Like all wireless devices, the Mac will broadcast all access point names it remembers e.

You may want to spoof the MAC address of the network card before connecting to new and untrusted wireless networks to mitigate passive fingerprinting:. Finally, WEP protection on wireless networks is not secure and you should favor connecting to WPA2 protected networks only to mitigate the risk of passive eavesdroppers. For outgoing SSH connections, use hardware or password-protected keys, set up remote hosts and consider hashing them for added privacy.

You can also use ssh to create an encrypted tunnel to send traffic through, similar to a VPN. If enabling sshd, be sure to disable password authentication and consider further hardening your configuration. A skilled attacker with unsupervised physical access to your computer can infect the boot ROM to install a keylogger and steal your password - see Thunderstrike for an example. A helpful tool is usbkill , which is "an anti-forensic kill-switch that waits for a change on your USB ports and then immediately shuts down your computer".

Consider purchasing a privacy filter for your screen to thwart shoulder surfers. Superglues or epoxy resins can also be used to disable physical access. Nail polish and tamper-evidence seals can be applied to components to detect tampering. You can use it to monitor process execution, network activity, and much more. Note although man audit says the -s flag will synchronize the audit configuration, it appears necessary to reboot for changes to take effect. See articles on ilostmynotes. You can also use Wireshark from the command line with tshark.

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  8. It consists of a kernel extension that monitors for executions, a userland daemon that makes execution decisions based on the contents of a SQLite database, a GUI agent that notifies the user in case of a block decision and a command-line utility for managing the system and synchronizing the database with a server. Binaries can be white- or black-listed by unique hash or signing developer certificate. Santa can be used to only allow trusted code execution, or to blacklist known malware from executing on a Mac, similar to Bit9 software for Windows.

    Note Santa does not currently have a graphical user interface for managing rules. The following instructions are for advanced users only! To install Santa, visit the Releases page and download the latest disk image, the mount it and install the contained package:.

    By default, Santa installs in "Monitor" mode meaning, nothing gets blocked, only logged and comes with two rules: one for Apple binaries and another for Santa software itself. Applications can also be whitelisted by developer certificate so that new binary versions will not need to be manually whitelisted on each update.

    For example, download and run Google Chrome - it will be blocked by Santa in "Lockdown" mode:. To whitelist it:. A log and configuration server for Santa is available in Zentral , an open source event monitoring solution and TLS server for osquery and Santa. Clients need to be enrolled with a TLS connection to sync Santa Rules, all Santa events from endpoints are aggregated and logged back in Zentral.

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    Santa events can trigger actions and notifications from within the Zentral Framework. Note Python, Bash and other interpreters are whitelisted since they are signed by Apple's developer certificate , so Santa will not be able to block such scripts from executing. Thus, a potential non-binary program which disables Santa is a weakness not vulnerability, since it is so by design to take note of.

    If you want to play music or watch videos , use VLC media player which is free and open source. If you want to use torrents , use Transmission which is free and open source note: like all software, even open source projects, malware may still find its way in. Manage default file handlers with duti , which can be installed with brew install duti. One reason to manage extensions is to prevent auto-mounting of remote filesystems in Finder see Protecting Yourself From Sparklegate. Here are several recommended handlers to manage:.

    In systems prior to macOS Sierra Disable crash reporter the dialog which appears after an application crashes and prompts to report the problem to Apple :. Plus de ports Ethernet que les concurrents. Ses 4 antennes directionnelles permettent de diffuser un signal stable et puissant. Le routeur dispose de 4 ports Ethernet pour les connexions filaires et du WiFi AC pour les connexions sans fil. Un peu encombrant Taille.

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    Un demi giga de Ram. Le routeur est petit et compact pour prendre moins de place chez vous, mais ses 4 antennes sont assez puissantes pour diffuser un signal stable dans une petite maison ou un appartement. Petit et discret. Pas de ports USB. Parfait pour une famille avec un gamer ou pour une PME. Seulement 4 ports Ethernet. Ports USB 3. Fixation murale pour gagner de la place. Seulement 3 antennes externes. Parfait pour une famille nombreuse. Je vais aussi vous expliquer comment y installer un Firmware personnel. Il y a deux raisons principales qui rendent les routeurs En effet avec une vitesse maximale de 1.