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Elita turned to the time to make its year-round filezilla slow download on february 3 along low madagascar. Mac OS X. Portable version.

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We have an IRC channel that you're welcome to join. Your feedback is important and always welcome! All rights reserved. Bugfix Downloads fail with exception after completion OpenStack Swift Feature Availability in Windows App Store.

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Bugfix Crash opening Preferences Windows Feature All embedded assemblies are cryptographically signed Windows Bugfix Paginate directory listings Dropbox Bugfix Ignore permission failure for reading transfer acceleration configuration S3 Bugfix Missing upload notification after editing file Mac Bugfix Stale entries in directory cache when deleting folder Feature Signed application executable Windows.

Feature Set modification date in metadata for uploads Backblaze B2. Bugfix Allow authentication with client certificate for empty issuer list from server TLS. Feature Deleting multiple files concurrently Feature Set modification date in metadata for uploads Backblaze B2.

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Bugfix Fix application launch failure when running with disabled updater Mac. Bugfix Restore compatibility with OS X Bugfix Installer may fail if newer Bonjour Zeroconf dependency is installed Windows Bugfix Disable trashing file on overwrite download Feature Multiple connections for transfers enabled by default Feature Recursively search for files Feature Support for key exchange algorithm diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha SFTP Feature Support for key exchange algorithm curvesha libssh.

Solved: FTP client for mac OS X 10.4?

Feature Support for China Beijing region S3 Feature Drag bookmarks from history and Bonjour tab to default bookmarks Bugfix Some interface items not localized Mac Bugfix Uploading file removes shared access policy Azure Bugfix Occasional failure verifying donation keys. Feature Network diagnose option in connection failure alert Windows Bugfix Folder contents in directory placeholders not listed OpenStack Swift Bugfix Use version 2 for sealed resources for compatibility with OS X Bugfix Failure copying folders from server to server Bugfix Sort order of bookmarks not remembered Bugfix Duplicate files in synchronization prompt Bugfix error response when downloading folders S3 Bugfix Null pointer downloading symbolic link with non existent target SFTP Bugfix Only single login attempt possible WebDAV Feature Support TLS 1.

Press Release en. Bugfix Modification date shown as Bugfix oading folders fails to create directories Bugfix Crash importing Transmit bookmarks for some users Feature Option to upload with temporary name and rename file after transfer is complete Feature Copy files between browser windows with different sessions 21 Feature Option to display hidden files in upload prompt Feature Import Transmit favorites Feature Copy and open multiple URLs Feature Support for PuTTY private key format SFTP Feature Duplicate Bookmarks using drag and drop with option key Feature Display only affected files in synchronization preview Feature Change update source to snapshot builds in Preferences Bugfix Files pasted upload to parent directory Bugfix Uploading.

Feature Support for new US West Location S3 Bugfix Bookmark menu Bugfix SOCKS proxy support broken Bugfix Container listing limited to files Rackspace Cloud Files Bugfix Synchronisation does not transfer files with equal size Bugfix Selection in synchronize prompt Bugfix Bonjour bookmarks ignore TXT record with path and credentials attributes Bugfix Donation prompt cannot be supressed Bugfix Error when uploading file with different display name from real filename Bugfix Quick Connect needs extra keystroke to connect Bugfix Password in non-default keychain are copied to login keychain Bugfix Crash when dismissing sheet attached to window Bugfix Resolving Bonjour names blocks user interface Bugfix Closing browser window during connection attempt blocks user interface Bugfix Downloading to default download location when dragging folder to Finder Feature Add group ownership as optional browser column Due to this bug you may have to reenter your passwords the first time connecting to each server Bugfix Cannot drag files to working directory when there is no space left 60 Bugfix Bookmarks drawer remembers width Bugfix Crashes after application launch