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Learn More. This works if you want your page numbers to start anywhere after page 1. In my example I want to start numbering on page 3, but this would work even if you wanted page numbering to start on page 57 for example.

Add headers and footers in a page layout document

We do this by breaking the document into sections. In this example I am using the following structure:.

Step 1: Insert a section break at the end of the title page, and the end of the contents page. Do the same thing for the contents page.

Pages for Mac: Add and remove headers and footers in a Pages document

Now your document has 3 sections and when we insert page numbering it will only number that section. This took me a long time to work out.

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If you want something more in-depth, Office for Mac: The Missing Manual seems to be the best office for mac book around, and covers formatting in a lot more detail than the Office for Dummies books. Share Tweet Post.

Word for Mac - page numbers and table of contents - University of Oslo Library

You might also want to leave certain pages unnumbered, such as if you want to start page numbering on Page 3. This is all possible using Word's built-in numbering feature. It's easy to add page numbers to a document in Microsoft Word. Simply click the "Insert" option on the ribbon menu, then click "Page Number. Click "Page Number" again and click " Format Page Numbers" to choose font, size and other display settings.

If you're using a desktop edition of Microsoft Word , you can start with a page number other than one and start numbering anywhere in a document or a section.

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To simply skip numbering on the first page, click the "Insert" tab in the ribbon menu, then click "Header" and "Edit Header. If you want to otherwise start page numbering later in the document, you'll want to insert a section break in the document before the section you want to number. To do this, go to the page where you want numbering to start and click "Layout" then click "Breaks" and "Next Page.

If you want to number multiple sections independently, create a section break for each one and uncheck "Link to Previous. Once you have page numbers in sections where you want them or in the entire document in the Desktop version of Word , you can customize the numbering. Double click the header or footer where the numbers are, then click "Page Number" and "Format Page Numbers.

Click the "Start at " drop-down and choose the number you want to start numbering.