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With an arsenal of features that have been developed with usability in mind, ZBrush creates a user experience that feels incredibly natural while simultaneously inspiring the artist within. With the ability to sculpt up to a billion polygons, ZBrush allows you to create limited only by your imagination.

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ZBrush 4R7 continues to improve and enhance ZBrush functionality by giving you access to an enriched toolset of new features which will increase your creativity and productivity. The new ZRemesher provides entirely rebuilt retopology system to give even better automated and user guided topology. There are also new brushes and functions to improve your workflow for both organic and hard surface sculpting. ZBrush gives you all of the tools needed to quickly sketch out a 2D or 3D concept and then take that idea all the way to completion. You can create realistic renders directly in ZBrush with lighting and atmospheric effects.

With the many powerful export options, you can easily prepare your model for 3D printing or use within any other digital application. RAM:8 GB required for working with multi-million poly models. SSD drive highly recommended. Pen Tablet: Wacom or Wacom compatible.

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WinTab API. Monitor: x monitor resolution or higher with bit color. Video card: All types. Minimum: OS: bit editions of Windows Vista or newer. Monitor: x monitor resolution with bit color. RAM: 8 GB required for working with multi-million polys.

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Very much like sculpting in real-life, Zspheres can be combined and manipulated to such a degree that the shapes can take on incredible detail and look remarkably organic. Similar to pixels, pixols contain additional data like Z, or depth information, and materials data in addition to the standard color info. Working with pixols is like working in 2. And with the ZBrush real-time render engine, you can see the results immediately.

In addition to an incredible level of control for sculpting your virtual clay, ZBrush 3. You can even add fog to a scene and adjust the FOV of the camera you are using to view the scene. I suspect that version 4 of ZBrush will be adding to this mode as there are some limitations, although resulting images can be breathtaking.

The materials collection in ZBrush 3. MatCap is a mode in ZBrush which allows you to create a surface material AND a lighting environment by simply painting from an existing image or picture you have chosen.

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This feature alone is worth an entire review as it saves so much time and helps you create images of great depth and contrast. Finally, Pixologic has made great strides in improving interactivity between other CG apps and ZBrush 3. The creation of the GoZ file format basically gives you a two-click method for working with programs like CINEMA 4D, where you click a button inside of ZBrush to export in the new format which contains much more ZBrush information and smaller file size than the obj format.

Then, once the file is exported to another application, you use another button in that application to export back to ZBrush. Pixologic is an organization committed to making artists out of all of us. They want to help you not only master their ZBrush software quickly, but to design the application so that the artist can focus on creating and not interpreting through a myriad of buttons and modes. They also support the user with some of the best training and tutorials of any application I've reviewed. Their ZClassroom portal, their extremely active ZBrush Central forum community, ZBrush Wiki and release of several free plug-ins UV Master and Decimation Master, in particular are indications that this company is serious about customer support.

I found the installation and authentication of ZBrush to be the easiest of any CG program I've reviewed to date. The help functions inside the program are easy to use and very helpful. The interface takes a bit of getting used to, but I found that once I used a tool or a palette once, I knew where it was the second time. After a week or so, I was able to use the program very quickly and efficiently.

On my Windows 7 bit computer, ZBrush performed like a champ with zero crashes and very fast response times. I originally heard about it from friends who were using it to add detail to their existing models. But, after spending a month with this magnificent program, the possible uses are much deeper. From designing jewelry, to intuitive organic modeling, to recoding your 2. I cannot recommend this updated program any higher. And all upgrades are free to registered owners another very cool thing about Pixologic. The trial demo is free for 30 days and is very much worth your time.

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The main Pixologic site has all the information you'll need. And here's a link to Renderosity's ZBrush Forum which also links some nice tutorials and free stuff. You can find more information about system requirements including MAC here. All supporting images are copyright, and cannot be copied, printed, or reproduced in any manner without written permission.

Please note: If you find the color of the text hard to read, please click on "Printer-friendly" and black text will appear on a white background. Another spot on review,my thoughts.. You will learn the interface and then come back to thank Ricky and me ha ha.. Proud to have a sample used in this review also: Thanks cal. Thank YOU for letting us use your incredible artwork in this review. Showing what can be done with this great program makes the review so much better.

Very kind of you. Fibermesh Fibermesh is a feature that allows users to grow polygon fibers out of their models or to make various botanical items. It is also a way to edit and manipulate large amounts of polygons at once with Groom brushes. DynaMesh Allows ZBrush to quickly generate a new model with uniform polygon distribution. DynaMesh has been designed to create low and middle resolution sculpting stages, allowing a base mesh to be created before using the more powerful sculpting and editing tools.

BPR includes a light manipulation system called LightCaps. With it, one can adjust how the lights in the scene are placed around the model.

One may also generate environments based on the model and its light placement for future HDRI renders. BPR also allows for material adjustments in realtime. Material properties such as subsurface scattering are supported as are environmental and scan-line reflections. BPR also includes a set of built-in filters that can be used in realtime to create dramatic effects and corrections without requiring another photo-manipulation program. GoZ Introduced in ZBrush 3. Upon sending the mesh back to ZBrush, GoZ will automatically remap the existing high-resolution details to the incoming mesh.

The updated mesh is immediately ready for further detailing, map extractions, and transferring to any other GoZ-enabled application. ZSpheres A user can create a base mesh with uniform topology and then convert it into a sculptable model. This is accomplished by starting out with a simple sphere and extracting more "ZSpheres" until the basic shape of the desired model is created.